Welcome to the toolbox

This inofficial site is used to experiment with small code snippets or link to fully developed tools that are more or less frequently used by the plant proteomics department at the Leibniz Univeristät Hannover. We can not guarantee the availability of the smaller tools. We can not even guarantee that they work as intended. Use at your own risk! There are no tracking cookies and we only log the default apache stuff for troubleshooting.

Fasta ↔ Excel

Converts your FASTA file into an EXCEL-friendly format and vice versa.

Blast to Excel

A very special usecase where you have a full BLAST report, but only want the score data.

Decimal Converter

Replace dots with commas or vice versa.

Box draw tool

Draw boxes giving color, width and height

Text to image

Convert your texts into images


A windows Tool that displays information when you mark an AGI (Arabidopsis Genome Identifier) and press ctrl+y

Isopoint Calculator

Web tool to calculate the isoelectric point of an amino acid sequence.

gelmap.de 🔗

Gelmap is a tool for spot visualization on a gel image. Just upload a gel image and a spreadsheet with coordinates and some protein info to explore. (Info on availability can be found on the website)

complexomemap.de 🔗

ComplexomeMap is a tool for searching and filtering complexome heatmap data. Just upload a spreadsheet containing clustered/normalized abundance information. (Info on availability can be found on the website)

Viscum album Genespace 🔗

This is the full-length transcriptome database of Viscum album, consisting of more than 39,000 distinct sequences from our recent publication. Next to the nucleotide sequences, we also offer 32,000 translated protein sequences with annotation (NCBI/Swissprot)
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